Anita Cassidy


Jan 11, 2018


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Because everyone hungers for something…

Food and sex: two appetites the modern world stimulates, but also the ones we are expected to keep under control. But what happens when you don’t?

Embarking on an affair, lonely wife and mother Naomi blossoms sexually in a false spring while David, the fattest boy at the local comprehensive and best friend of her son, struggles to overcome bullying and the apathy of his divorced mother. David finally starts to learn about the mechanisms of appetite through a science project set by his intelligent but jaded teacher, Matthew. David’s brave efforts to change himself open Matthew’s eyes to his activist girlfriend’s dangerous plans – to blow up VitSip, a local energy-drink company where Naomi works.

At the mercy of their appetites, this exciting debut novel shows how some hungers can never be satisfied…

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About the author

Anita Cassidy

Having enjoyed a successful career in recruitment and advertising and begun to raise her children, Anita Cassidy started to write in 2012 during NaNoWriMo. Anita divides her time between London and Kent and is currently writing another novel focussing on the intersections between work, love and life, covering issues such as family and self vs community, BDSM and polyamory.

Her writing both challenges and entertains.

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