Beijing Smog

Ian Williams


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An image goes viral in China

It threatens the ruling Communist Party

Internet rumours take on a life of their own and online revenge becomes a weapon of dissent in a city where truth and reality are as clear as the thick smog around them…


When a young blogger who lives his life behind a screen posts an image, he has no idea of the impact it will have on the nation – or that his life will collide with a delusional Brisith business man trying to sell the crumbling China Miracle and an American diplomat tasked to chase cyber spies. When the image takes on a life of its own, it threatens them all – but most terrifyingly, the Communist Party.

Revealed is the power of online ridicule and rumour in a society where truth and reality are about as clear as the thick smog; a veil beneath which corrupt politicians struggle for power, spies stalk cyberspace, and a bubble economy is at bursting point.

From Beijing’s smoggy streets to Shanghai’s historic Bund, from the casinos of Macau to the grim factories of southern China, this novel captures the madness, corruption and dangers of the People’s Republic and sheds light on the Westerners who have grown rich by looking the other way…

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About the author

Ian Williams is an award-winning journalist who has reported from across the world. He covered business for the Sunday Times before becoming a foreign correspondent, based first in Russia and then the Far East for Channel 4 News and then the American network NBC. Ian has travelled and reported from across China, and more recently covered the Russian annexation of Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine. He has taken a strong interest in the dark cyber world, the world of hackers and cyber spies that are at the heart of his thrillers.

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