Cinema Lumiere

Hattie Holden Edmonds


Sep 24, 2014


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'A stunning debut. Made me laugh out loud, cry … and ache with recognition' The Huffington Post 
'A magical, thought-provoking and uplifting tale … one of this year’s must-reads' Daily Mirror
'An extraordinary, funny, soul-warming book' Sainsbury’s Magazine

Hannah Bailey has sealed her heart against love, she’s resigned herself to a dead-end job and her catastrophic thinking is out of control. In fact, she’s hard pushed to find a single reason for her existence until the day she stumbles across a tiny cinema with just one seat… Cinema Lumière is a cinema with a difference. No ticket is required and once inside, each customer is shown a subtly edited film of their life. But how does its French owner Victor make such films and why is he so determined to coax Hannah into that single red velvet seat?

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About the author

Hattie Holden Edmonds has held down a variety of jobs including junior assistant on Separates in Clements department store, chief plugger-in of cables in a Berlin recording studio, hat-maker and a very clumsy waitress in an ice cream parlour. Apart from writing, she teaches meditation at a palliative care unit in Ladbroke Grove, and runs a part-time and very rickety cinema from a fisherman’s shack in Whitstable. She loves a good swim, and dreams of being able to knock up a decent three-course meal.


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