Generation Cherry

Retired? Redundant? Rethink!
Powerful Strategies to Give You a Second Bite of the Cherry

Tim Drake


Jan 12, 2017


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Generation Cherry is the toolkit for a new generation.

Many people find themselves in a position of forced unemployment, whether it be through redundancy or retirement and Tim Drake’s brilliant new book shows them how they can have a second bite of the cherry. Packed with useful information on what it means to be a Second-Biter and how that second bite can be turned into new and fulfilling, jobs, businesses or careers, Tim addresses the questions to ask and the actions to take.

Setting out the Four Autonomies mindset, Tim shows how Earning, Learning, Giving and Re-Charging are key to the success of Generation Cherry and shows how and why retirement and redundancy can be the beginning of the best years of your life.

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About the author

Tim Drake is a consultant and mentor to leading companies and executives. He speaks and writes regularly about human motivation and change and is the author of three successful books on personal development.

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