Manila Harbour

Martin Granger


Jun 25, 2015


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When the Southern Mariner, a huge cargo ship, is hijacked in the Far East, young TV journalist Nathalie Thompson is sent to investigate the story behind the theft. Joining forces with Philippine coastguard Peter Ramos, she embarks on an exciting quest that plunges them headfirst into the dark and dangerous world of piracy.

But, when another thousand-tonne freighter with its million-dollar cargo disappears and its American captain is killed, events start to spiral out of control. Together, Nathalie and Peter must find the courage to confront a force on the high seas that stands above the law, and escape from a violent world of guns, corruption and cold-blooded murder.

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About the author

Martin has been making documentary films for thirty years. In that time he has won more than 100 international film awards. His work has ranged from directing BBC’s Horizon to producing a BAFTA nominated science series for Channel 4. His novels, although fiction, are based upon his experience in the film industry. He lives in Wimbledon with his wife Jacqueline.


T: @mgrangerbooks 

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