The Endeavorist

Kenneth King


Oct 19, 2017


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How one man tried to beat extreme poverty in Kenya

Would you, should you, ever sell your well-appointed, five-storey house near Buckingham Palace to uplift an impoverished area in rural East Africa?

Kenneth King thought he should, so he did.

This is The Endeavourist.

Fast-paced and deeply moving, this adventure memoir of an inspirational Irishman begins with educating orphans and creating an innovative scheme for families to escape poverty, and ends with a police escort out of Kenya.

This is a personal tale of how Kenneth followed his dream until it became a nightmare… or was it the best thing he ever did?

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About the author

Kenneth King

Kenneth King was born and raised in Dublin. He moved to London in 1990, where his career went from strength to strength, moving from insurance to investment banking, making him a wealthy and successful man. A sudden and devastating change in circumstances led Kenneth to review what was important to him, leading him to Siboti, and the story he recounts in this book.
He now lives and works in Luxembourg.

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