The Fallen

The Darkest Hand Book II

Tarn Richardson


Jul 25, 2019


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Fast, frenetic . . . an imaginative and deftly told tale that'll chill you to the core' Tim Lebbon, author of The Silence

1915. Demonic possessions are sweeping across Rome.

War is raging on the Italian Austro-Hungarian border and bodies are piling up in the streets. But it isn't the ravages of war that is causing such mass destruction, something evil and unnatural force is roaming the land and the Vatican's Eagle Fountain is running red with blood.

Only Poldek Tacit, the church's brilliant but flawed Inquisitor can hope to hold back the malevolent power, but as he immerses himself in this dangerous investigation he discovers that the path he is treading has already been prophesied and that where it is leading is threatening the very future of a world already teetering on the brink of the abyss.

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About the author

Tarn Richardson

Tarn Richardson is the author of The Darkest Hand trilogy, published by RedDoor Publishing.
Consisting of THE HUNTED (free prequel novella), THE DAMNED, THE FALLEN and THE RISEN, The Darkest Hand trilogy unleashes the flawed but brilliant Inquisitor Poldek Tacit upon a Europe engulfed by the First World War.
Having grown up in Somerset, he now lives in Salisbury with his wife, the portraiture artist Caroline Richardson.

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