The Kosher Delhi

Ivan Wainewright


Aug 1, 2019


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‘Considering all the things we did during our brief spell in Somerset that should have got us into trouble, it’s ironic that the act which did cause the police to come looking for us was an accident.’

It’s the early 1990s.

Vic is twenty, naive and drifting – grappling with his mixed Indian-Jewish heritage.

When he meets Yvonne – activist, hedonist, social justice warrior – his life changes in ways he could never have imagined.

They travel together from Leeds to London to New York. While Vic navigates fast-paced restaurant scenes, Yvonne ventures into the world of underground political music and tensions begin to rise. What begins as hedonistic traveling and young romance soon takes a darker turn as the racist underbelly of society is exposed with violent and fatal outcomes.

For fans of Nick Hornby, David Nicholls and William Boyd, this vibrant and unforgettable 'coming-of-awareness' novel will fill you with nostalgia as you’re transported back to the heady days of the nineties.

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About the author

Ivan Wainwright

Ivan Wainewright studied computing at Leeds Polytechnic before travelling around Australia and South East Asia. After returning to Leeds, he then lived in Singapore for four years, before coming back to North London. He now lives in Kent with his partner, Sarah and their slightly neurotic rescue dog, Remi. He has been an independent IT consultant for many years, working solely with charities and not-for-profit organisations.

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