The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu

Alex Marsh


'Well-told, funny and full of expertly-drawn characters. A classic outsider's journey and a knowing examination of man's need to rage against the dying of the light' Neil Forsyth, writer & screenwriter

'Smart and funny... I love Alex Marsh's writing' Jill Twiss, writer, Last Week Tonight (HBO)

May 5, 2016


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Frederic Debreu is Ted's only link with his brother.

Eric had lost touch whilst teaching in France; in a backwater region of rolling meadows, amiable cafe-regulars and endless refills of red wine. Debreu country, from where Eric had sent his gushing letters about the obscure singer with the hazy past. So when Ted arrives on a retirement whim, clutching a guitar and a handful of scratched records, the Englishman should be overjoyed at the town's plans for a Debreu revival.

But how was he to anticipate his own role in this? Reluctantly persuaded that he might help put Mailliot-le-Bois back on the map, Ted finds himself drawn into a web of well-intentioned deceit that he finds increasingly hard to unravel. Haunted by Eric's loss, and with the hopes of a whole community riding on him, it soon becomes apparent that there are other, more important things, that he hasn't mentioned to his loved ones...

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About the author

Alex Marsh

Alex Marsh is a writer and author who has produced short columns for The Guardian, jokes for BBC Radio 4 and was a teenage columnist for ZX Spectrum Adventurer magazine. As a commercial copywriter, he has worked on everything from recruitment material for MI5 to advertising blurb for some of Britain’s best-selling board games.

Alex’s alter-ego blog Private Secret Diary achieved Internet fame with its comic snapshots of English rural life and formed the backdrop to his first book, Sex and Bowls and Rock and Roll; his love of the music of Georges Brassens and Jake Thackray was the inspiration for The Resurrection of Frederic Debreu. He lives close to the North Norfolk coast.

You can find him on Twitter at @jonnyb.

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