The Risen

The Darkest Hand Book III

Tarn Richardson


Jul 25, 2019


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Riotous, terrifying and urgent' Peter Liney, author of The Detainee Trilogy 

1917. The Apocalypse is imminent.

It is three years since our first introduction to the brilliant but flawed Catholic church Inquisitor Poldek Tacit, and the world has never needed him more. War, revolution and a relentless tide of inhuman terror is consuming the earth but where is Tacit?

As old allies unite in a frantic race to unmask the Antichrist and thwart his plan to bring everything into his power, the Darkest Hand continues to terrorise the innocent while in the Vatican's vaults, long-buried secrets are about to be unveiled, and humanity's chance of escape from the forces of evil hangs by a single thread.

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About the author

Tarn Richardson

Tarn Richardson is the author of The Darkest Hand trilogy, published by RedDoor Publishing.
Consisting of THE HUNTED (free prequel novella), THE DAMNED, THE FALLEN and THE RISEN, The Darkest Hand trilogy unleashes the flawed but brilliant Inquisitor Poldek Tacit upon a Europe engulfed by the First World War.
Having grown up in Somerset, he now lives in Salisbury with his wife, the portraiture artist Caroline Richardson.

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