This Ancient Road

Andrew Hudson


Sep 21, 2017


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We rarely consider the roads we travel; when and where they began, how they developed and where they end. They are the most basic and most-used part of the transport network but their fascinating stories are largely ignored.

In This Ancient Road, author and enthusiast Andrew Hudson looks at one of the oldest roads in Britain the London to Holyhead Road, following largely the famous Roman road, Watling Street, now the A5. Stretching from Marble Arch in London to Holyhead in Wales, this road has a rich history of battles and pilgrimages, trade and exploration. It has carried generals and royalty, St Alban and Disraeli, Sir John Falstaff and Samuel Pickwick plus millions of people going about their own daily business.

This Ancient Road is a truly fascinating journey through time, exploring not only the important events that have studded the history of the road, but also the effects on our society and our culture. Informative and charming, Andrew Hudson brings history to life in this marvellous book.

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About the author

Andrew Hudson was born in the Birmingham area. He studied history at university and spent 30 years working in the public services. In his free time he has always enjoyed travelling and exploring, on foot or by car. He lives in London.

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