Will of the People

Sarah Bee


Mar 29, 2018


RedDoor Price

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'Absolutely bloody Brexcellent!'
Adam Kay, author of This is Going to Hurt 

A divided nation. An uncertain future. The stupidest story ever told. Will isn't happy with his lot. He's stuck in a dead-end job, he can't afford a decent place to live, and he just feels like something is wrong. But one day, a bright red bus pulls up to his stop, and changes Will's life forever... along with everyone else's. Thanks, Will.

Brexit is now a reality, and we all have to get behind it and make a success of it. Bollocks, says this book - it's an unfolding nightmare, and we can complain about it all we like. Will of the People tells the story of Brexit in bright pictures and simple words that even a UKIP voter could understand.

It's a poignant adult fairy tale that will make you laugh, cry, and drink. Will of the People is a hilarious original picture book for adults; a too-late cautionary allegory for our times; the Brexit bedtime story that all right-thinking, hard-working families will enjoy right up until the day they need to burn it to keep warm.

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About the author

Sarah Bee is a writer, journalist and satirist from London. Having shown up to the music journalism party 40 minutes before they threw everyone out, she has displayed an unerring sense of bad timing throughout her career. She composed some of the first ever promoted tweets, and is appropriately sorry. Her essay about her father and the NHS for NSFWCORP went viral in 2013, made Michael Moore cross and Danny Boyle cry.

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