You Can Be As Young As You Think

Tim Drake


Jan 12, 2017


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'This, I believe, is a ground-breaking book. . . It has an intelligent approach to self-development . . . The good news is that it is also an entertaining book. It goes to prove that learning can be fun.' Michael Johnson, CEO BPIF, The Print Business

Do you have an ‘old’ brain or a ‘young’ brain?

Think carefully, because how you answer this important question could be one of the most significant predictors of how well you’ll live the rest of your life.

In this fast-moving, fast-changing world, it is important that we remain vital, relevant and useful. Growing old gracefully, where physically and mentally we quietly fade into obscurity, is no longer an option and the expectation that we will stay younger for longer has never been greater. Whilst many of us are agonising over the outward signs of ageing, it seems we are completely ignoring the insidious, gradual decline into tired, outdated and old thinking that until now might have been seen as an inevitable part of getting older.

A ‘young’ brain is the antidote to ageing and You Can Be As Young As You Think shows you exactly you how you can get one.

Through six easy-to-follow and life-changing steps, you’ll find out that ageing is all in the mind and discover how, by developing a younger brain, you can live a more fulfilled, rewarding, successful and happy life.

The benefits of living your life with a ‘young’ brain are vast. In your personal life you’ll have more fun, be more adventurous and be more excited. You’ll laugh more, get on better with your family and strangers will more easily become friends. You’ll be more interested and interesting, embrace new technology and feel better connected to popular culture and the modern world.

In your professional life you’ll be more creative, more responsive, and better at managing change. You’ll be recognised as someone who’s fresh, vital, full of bright ideas and always thinking one step ahead. You’ll be more dynamic, more confident, more ambitious, a better team player and stand out as an innovator who’s more willing to take risks.

Well, it doesn’t have to be that way and You Can Be as Young as You Think offers a scientifically sound blueprint for successful anti-ageing. It’s a unique opportunity to rediscover freedom – the freedom to be open, to be flexible, to be exuberant.

Growing old really is all in the mind, you can be as you young as you want to be, you can be as young as you think.

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About the author

Tim Drake is a consultant and mentor to leading companies and executives. He speaks and writes regularly about human motivation and change and is the author of three successful books on personal development.

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